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The trial of the former deputy chairman of Jamaica's anti-doping disciplinary panel, the first Jamaican official to be charged with the offense of trafficking under the anti-trafficking law, ended in January when the judge dismissed the charges.The government did not report any other investigations, prosecutions, or convictions of government employees complicit in trafficking offenses.PROTECTION The government maintained efforts to protect victims.Authorities identified 13 confirmed trafficking victims – 12 exploited in labor trafficking and one exploited in sex trafficking – during the reporting period, compared to eight confirmed victims in 2016. The government published victim identification SOPs for both health care officials and labor officials, and continued work on a protocol for child welfare officials, though these agencies did not report identifying any victims during the year.

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Authorities initiated 30 new trafficking investigations, compared with 40 in the previous reporting period.

The National Task Force against Trafficking in Persons (NATFATIP) continued leading the government's anti-trafficking efforts, while the Ministry of Justice housed the NATFATIP's Secretariat and hosted monthly NATFATIP meetings.

The Ministry of Justice allocated 34.8 million Jamaican dollars (2,470) for anti-trafficking efforts in fiscal year 2017-2018.

No identified victims during the reporting period were transferred to the government-run trafficking shelter, but other accommodations, including long-term shelter in at least one case, were provided.

During the reporting period, NATFATIP provided the anti-trafficking unit with a new vehicle to be used for supporting operations and transporting victims.

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