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Jesus Solorio- After his run on the show, he was a choreographer for the Oxygen show Dance Your Ass Off, appeared in shows like Glee, Hannah Montana, New Girl, and Cirque du Soleil, and even created and directed his own stage show called Dreamcatcher.

He seems to also do a lot of choreographing and master classes and is a dance instructor at Allan Hancock College in CA.

This seems to be his main focus, and good on him, I think that's pretty cool.It looks like he may also be in an upcoming independent dance short film, The Accompanist.Top 18Faina Savich- Actually have been excited to post this one since I had looked her up in an effort to find info on her brother for my previous post.It took some work to find what she is doing post 2014, but she seems to own a dance studio called, WRK PLC in Tennessee (her bio lists Top 8 contestant in SYTYCD S3 but neglects to specify it was Top 8 Girls- so in character lol).Looks like she got married in 2014 and had a daughter in 2016.

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