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Gave up a chance at the Hall of Fame for his team, but made it in later.

Patton went on to find roles in Gone in Sixty Seconds and The Punisher before landing small spots on TV shows like Numb3rs, 24 and The Good Wife.

These first few roles, though minor, began to pave the way to future acting gigs.

In the time after her first two television appearances, she appeared alongside Natassia Malthe in the 2005 film Devil’s Highway and the television show American Dreams.

In September 2007, she began dating musician John Mayer. And although still unconfirmed, as of May 2008, she is currently being linked to New York Yankee's shortstop, Derek Jeter.

It’s where fashion, cars, and Hollywood join forces for one special night.

I will not be intimidated.” Nearly intractable, Boone overcomes a nearly impossible situation through sheer willpower and a partnership with fellow coach Bill Yoast.

From an early age, Minka’s beauty was noticed as she successfully appeared in many modeling campaigns and television commercials.

Her love for acting started out as a hobby, but soon blossomed into a passion that would be unmatched by any other potential career choice.

The film, which told the Disneyfied story of the integrated 1971 T. Williams Titans in previously segregated Virginia, had it all: a compelling story, great acting and wonderful football scenes.

The movie became an instant classic, and why wouldn't it? And while the movie certainly took some liberties with that (as nearly all do), it became a rallying point for the brotherhood that football can provide and the importance of treating everyone well.

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