Ipod shuffle play count not updating

You may see an i Tunes warning that says you are over capacity but go forward with the sync anyway and it should work.If you are experiencing problems with certain songs from albums on Apple music not playing or greyed out there are a couple reasons this could be happening.Plus you may discover none of the songs you thought downloaded, did.The solution is to break those large playlists into smaller ones and then transfer.If it is enabled, disable it and everything you purchased and stored on i Cloud should appear Have you created a new playlist in the Apple Music app only to find it is empty when you try to play it? The Fix: Go to “My Music,” press whatever your filter is set to (e.g.Artists) then turn off the “Show Music Available Offline” button.

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Since updating to i OS 8.4 you may have noticed every time you turn on i Cloud library, a ton of songs start to download and may have even led to your i Phone or other device freezing up.This will prevent it from pausing during playback as you travel through different network connections. If you’ve tried syncing playlists to your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod, only to find them empty when you try to use them on your device there’s a simple solution that may work.The Fix: Deactivate the "Show Music Available Offline" option and then activate it and all tracks should appear.Scouring various Apple discussion boards, we’ve compiled a list of common problems users are having along with the fixes that are reportedly working.As we see more problems and solutions, we’ll continue to add them to this post, but for now, check out what we’ve got below.

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