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You can kind of look at it like being the captain of the ship – you go down with your ship. Two fascinating encounters that showed us how committed this small island nation is to fostering biodiversity and properly managing waste to preserve its resources for the future.

Director of Research at the French Polynesian department of Research, Dr.

© Tara Expéditions Foundation Aware that climate change scientists have given their island approximately 50 years before much of it is uninhabitable, the residents of Kiribati are still looking for any way possible to preserve their sinking island nation and their way of life.

As the Tara dinghy coasted to the white beach, a local fishing family sauntered down to greet it.

Tuesday, November 14 at local time Tara arrived a few kilometers from Kimbe, capital of the province of Western New Britain.

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Fumaroles are still escaping from the Vulcan caldera, with the strong smell of sulfur.

History reminds us that these partly dormant giants literally engulfed the old Rabaul in 1994 – a Papuan Pompeii still buried under the now solidified lava.

Here coral lives in waters whose temperatures are influenced by a volcanic environment where thermal stresses combine.

The relationship of Australians to the ocean is therefore peculiar, it is part of their culture.

Surfing, beach volleyball, sailing, diving, walking etc.

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