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None of him looked old then.”Eliot gritted his teeth, but he didn’t say anything.“Doesn’t mean he’s not old,” Hardison said.“If he’s old, what does that make me? ”“I’m working on it, Nate, I’m doing like five things at once. “We’re in business.”“Let us know if you hear anything that sounds like they might have her.”“Got it.”“Security audit, at least that’s one thing in our favor,” Eliot muttered. We’ll get a full report once we’re sure the suspect isn’t going to die.

” Sophie asked.“Elegant,” he said without missing a beat.“Excellent answer.”When she’d left again, Parker slid closer to Eliot on the couch. She handed it over with a smile of her own and pointed him toward the restroom, and Hardison watched the cameras follow Eliot down the hall, caught him vanishing into the restroom and then reappearing with his hair tied back and one of those security comms hooked to nothing in his ear, and to the elevator. The four of them said nothing, and in the silence, Hardison felt his pulse pick up. Personally, Hardison would have sniped it at him.“Hardison, which badges do you have? A red light flashed on Hardison’s screen, and he clicked, then grabbed a headset. In the meantime, she’ll be taken out as my prisoner.”“Sure, Detective,” Eliot said.

“You know he’ll just get all grumpy and standoffish, and then we can’t get near him for days, never mind s—”Sophie chose that moment to walk into the room, heading for the refrigerator.“—seeing him baby that hand.”“Damn it, Hardison, I don’t baby anything.”“Yes, you do,” Parker put in. ”“Parker,” Sophie said, and damn was Hardison glad he’d cut himself off if she’d been listening the whole time, “most people like to heal so they don’t do further damage.

”“Parker, let the man heal in peace.” Hardison tossed him an icepack, which he caught with his better hand and slapped to his wrist.

” And he gave me the gist of it, but he didn’t give me the full monty. ” Do you have a favorite episode or storyline from this season?

When I actually found out what the deal was, in that last episode, I said, “Oh, wow! HODGE: It would probably have to be “The Rundown Job,” which we shot as Episode 12 and will probably air as Episode 12.

, about a crew of high-tech crooks who steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen, in order to level the playing field for people whose lives have been destroyed by the rich and powerful, actor Aldis Hodge plays Hardison, the team’s miracle worker when it comes to hacking.

With the relationship between Parker (Beth Riesgraf) and Hardison heating up, and a secret shared between Hardison and Nate (Timothy Hutton) that the rest of the team isn’t privy to, it will continue to be a season of new adventures and uncharted territory.

He also talked about his role in the upcoming film Collider: Were you excited when you found out that the show’s setting was moving to Portland for this season, and that you could actually utilize the city that you’ve been shooting in, all this time? It helps us tremendously because we don’t have to spend so much time hiding things. It’s a really great city, visually and aesthetically. There’s a lot to it that we can take advantage of, so the fact that we can now is amazing.

Do you think it’s always important to have those sorts of shake-ups, to keep things fresh for both you and the viewers? I love my job, simply because we can keep things fresh, all the time. For us, as actors, it keeps us interested in our jobs and it keeps us coming back to work, every day. What’s it like to finally have the pay-off for the Hardison-Parker relationship? It’s good, but I think the pay-off is more for our audience because they’ve been waiting for so long.

A new setting is amazing ‘cause it’s new for the team and it’s new for our characters. You get so tired, locked into a show for so many years. Every time I step out onto the street, somebody would ask me, “So, what’s happening with y’all?

She gave Parker a speculative look, but didn’t say anything.“I mean, none of what I’ve seen.

Which isn’t that much except when we have to change for cons, like when we stole the heart. ”“That’s where I last caught her,” Hardison confirmed.“Where are we on the security channel? Except you couldn’t do it, and we wouldn’t ever get that channel.” He kept muttering to himself as he typed, adjusting the band for the computer’s analog receiver, and grinned when he caught it. Larkin, will you help me take her out, since the guards—”“Officers,” the supervisor said.“Guards might feel the need to tase her again?

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