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I'm sure you have tried 100 different things but I had similar issues years ago with Soldier of Fortune 2 and I remember Even Balance (or whatever make PB) had an EXE on their site that would run through and check that PB was installed properly. Not for me and not for alot of others on this forum. Most of the issues people are having seem to be with their own hardware and/or user problems and then they come out with stuff like "i hate EA and DICE and this game is shit blah blah blah...." Really enjoying 64p CQ at the moment, with the exception of Metro (nade and RPG spam fest, ugh) and Grand Bazaar. Operation Firestorm, Capsicum and Kharg island would have to be my favourites so far. Can't seem to get many points with it, but sneaking up on the enemy and burning them to death never gets old : D Has anyone here with a Russian CD key been able to install and play the game fine, or is there still the issue of having to download the 800mb file every time you start Origin?

Also is the registry hack once off, or does it need to be done every time Origin is started also?

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I disagree there, Ive bought many many games through said "dodgy" sites and never had an issue.

And even if 1 in 2 games didnt work, Id break even, thats how much of a ripoff we get here.

On another note, BF: BC2 appeared in Origin last night, yes, I do own it through the EA store but it didnt appear when I first installed origin. Infact, me buying it from CJS keys in this case gave me EARLIER access to the game, just with an 11GB download which I didnt mind.

Enable your security software again if closed and add Pnk Bstr B to the allow list (described above).

Run the following tool: (not for Window Vista and higher) Run Combo Fix to check for rootkits Make sure you do not run the game in a compatibility mode. Got my CD key within the hour and an hour later I was playing the game :) Loving it and love that it runs so much better than the BETA.

Even though I have the physical copy of the game, I still have to install Origin plus various other shit and on top of that have to launch ie to launch the game via EA's website. punkbuster issues fix from punkbuster It looks like Pnk Bstr B is failing to start.

This is because I am trying to sort out the trouble we have with the server lately. " and, not to forget, because we have been and will (of course) forever be so fuckin' skilled.

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Followed the link, joined Gravatar, inserted email used for beefers and loaded sick pic. I'll play around with the overclocking and turn the fan up in accordance, but by the sounds of things 70 odd degrees is acceptable.

Think i've done all the bits, but the damn thing hasn't updated. someone posted a procedure for fixing punkbuster issues..... I've looked through every page (of this part) and still couldn't find it.

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