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if you could grab your bags and go on a spontaneous South American adventure, what experiences would be a Must before you’d even think about going home?

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People intentionally put their Online Dating profiles the way they do. You can learn more about how you can do the same and create The Perfect Online Dating Profile (link to other article). Simply try to find a different angle or something other than what’s at the front, being showcased. Ask her what her favorite memory of her furry friend is. Something simple like: “You must really love animals. ” I guarantee this will get a great response and great results! If she said that she’s the queen of food consumption, most likely a ton of guys have commented on it with something like “what food do you like the most? Basically, she’ll tell you to slow down, or she’ll avoid the topic, or she’ll downright challenge you and push things into overdrive. And if you react with anything other than a calm tone and communicating that you “Don’t care” or if you just assume that what is happening is completely normal for you, she’ll turn you down. Do NOT show any signs of second-guessing and hesitation.

Then again, she’s probably heard these thing a thousand times already from everyone else who matched with her. If she has a photo of her dog you bet there have been a ton of guys commenting on the dog itself, asking for the breed, the age, etc. But let’s actually talk about the Direct Online Dating Opener… Tell her that you’re interested in her and move the conversation towards a date: See how all of these basically tell her “Hey, I’m liking what I see, I’m going to take it”.

So whatever the response, you’re one step ahead in the interaction so, that’s great. But let’s get to the last Online Dating Opener: Right, you’re reading the right thing…

It’s possible to combine these 4 different openers together if you want to.

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I can see that you’re getting more matches than before in the Online Dating world. With more matches comes more opportunities to meet new and interesting women. The next obstacle is that although getting more matches is great, learning how to convert them into dates is what really matters. And without further ado, let’s begin with the first one: I figured we ought to start with something easy and (more or less) familiar to most. And try to make it an open-ended question, one that she can’t answer with just “yes” or “no”. On that photo, there’s a bookshelf with several books, one of them is black. There’s also a HUGE possibility that she’ll respond with a GIF of her own.

I sometimes wonder what people who think things like “hey” “hi” or “what’s up? Are they attempting to convey how supremely chill they are?

That they are so busy living life to the max that they simply haven’t got the time to be charming?

What’s more, you can (and probably should most of the times) add another sentence to this traditional opener. This will mean that she will have something to talk about when she responds. So, what I’ll do sometimes is find a completely normal and boring everyday object in her very targeted and interesting photo or bio and move the highlight there. The black book on the 4 photo is the most beautiful book I’ve ever seen! ALSO, it sets up a potential date where she shows you the black book. Here’s one of my favorite “Hey” GIFs: These are, as mentioned before, also great for conversation starters.

See, everyone can start a conversation with a “Hey” but it doesn’t prompt anything from the other side other than another “Hey” (or an ignore, which you can expect most of the time if you’re starting with a “Hello”). BUT if you combine it with something like a compliment (we’ll go over this later again), or even a critique (yes, you can say negative things about women and still win them over sometimes) you can spice the boring “Hey” into something better. Another angle of approach to this Online Dating Opener is the following thing that I like to occasionally do: Finding something completely random. Also, if she has a great sense of humor she’ll find it very funny and you’re off to a great start already. You can also be a bit bolder and send the ones that have a person sending a kiss.

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