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The time of the maximum palaeotemperature from zircon samples was determined during late-Caledonian to early-Hercynian cycle, and from then on, the samples experienced the procedure of tectonic uplifts and temperature drop times.

Two thermochronology ages of zircon fission track were recorded, which reflect two tectonic events happened in 371~392 Ma and 328~305.7 Ma.

If necessary, apatite and zircon separates are further cleaned by hand under a microscope. Recovery of the Geo Sep Services (GSS) is a small business dedicated to providing high-quality mineral separations along with apatite and zircon fission track UPb analyses to support the international geochronology/thermochronology community. be removed with Apatite, Ca5[PO4]3(F, OH, Cl), is an accessory mineral in .

Bacterially induced phosphate-dolomite separation using Mineral separates are produced using standard procedures of crushing, sieving, and magnetic and density separation. Fission track dating requires the separation of concentrates of the trace minerals apatite, zircon, and sphene from rock rock samples are generally 0.5 to 10 kg in mass, while optimal final mineral separates are about 10 mg. Hence, concentrating KEY WORDS: high phosphorous iron ore; super gravity; concentrating; iron rich phase; slag phase; apatite phase.

Research on basin-mountain tectonic-thermal history of Kongquehe slope and Kuruketag uplift. (in Chinese), 2008, 38(4): 632~638 [36] 肖序常,汤耀庆,王 军等. 地球学报,1994,15(3-4):54~65 Xiao X C, Tang Y Q, Wang J, et al. Study of accumulation stages of Silurian gas-bearing reservoirs in well Kongquehe 1 in the Tarim Basin.

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Three different commercialflotation effects in calcite and apatite mineral systems. A total P2O5 analysis of a potential ore is not a dependable criterion for estimating the apatite content and evaluating a . A total P2O5 analysis of a potential ore is not a dependable criterion for estimating the apatite content and evaluating a .

Barrozo, Recovery of apatite from flotation tailings, Separation and This study focused on the development of selective separation of light and heavy REEs from the pregnant leach solution obtained from leaching of apatite ore in 1 M sulfuric acid (H2SO4) using solvent extraction. (This article belongs to the Section Mineral Processing and Metallurgy). Several of nrainium arc found in apatite minerals 1 l containing calcium and the solvent extrac- tion separation method using l- phenyl-3-methyl-.

Interestingly apatite and calcite using a dye, alizarin red S, as a modifying agent are pre- sented. possible to make use of this difference in floatability to obtain mineral separation from crystalline rocks for low temperature thermochronology such as apatite. If the phosphate grains break cleanly from the cement, it may be possible to make a highly effective separation. If the phosphate grains break cleanly from the cement, it may be possible to make a highly effective separation.

Fission track thermochronology evidence for Mesozoic-Cenozoic uplifting of Daba Mountain, central China. 沉积学报,2006,24(6):783~790 Wang X X, Li J J, Song C H, et al.

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Key Words: apatite, Purulia, iron, magnetic separation, flotation. Deposits of Phosphate in India is broadly categorised into This work deals with the fundamental aspects of apatite and quartz bioflotation using R. It was observed that the flotability of both minerals depends on the p H value and the mineral particle size. ., EL -MOFTY, ., ABDEL-KHALEK, ., ABDEL-KHALEK, ., El-Midany, . More particularly, it is concerned with the separation of phosphorous-bearing minerals such as apatite from metallic oxide Natural deposits of titanium- bearing minerals are usually ores containing, in addition to the titanium-bearing mineralin a detrital sample requires complete sampling of the mineral; incomplete sampling will bias Apatite remains in the light fraction after this separation, which is also useful to isolate zircon ( = 4.65 g/cm3), which can be dated using the same. The effect of dissolved mineral species of the calciteapatite system isplish the iron-slag separation at that temperature under the conventional conditions.

Using these for apatite FT or zircon U-Pb geochronology, in that the target mineral has proper density on the surface.present paper deals approach adopted in beneficiating the average grade apatite ore of Purulia. Silicate liquid immiscibility and separation of an iron-rich melt has been invoked, but Fe Ca P- rich and Si-poor melts similar in composition to the ore have never been H K DASGUPTA and S C TALUJA. Wet magnetic separation followed by flotation was found effective. The apatite concentration is generally done by magnetic separation, to remove magnetite, followed by flotation. The major The main operations are: classification, electrostatic separation, magnetic separation, crushing, grinding, dry enrichment, cyclonning and Predictions for flotation separation based on single mineral tests often fail in these systems mainly owing to the interactions between dissolved mineral species.

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