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For example, when you click the File menu during recording, Adobe Captivate creates a text caption that says Select the menu item.

It then places the text caption on the slide showing the action.

The list of existing languages is available in the Recording dialog box.

Text captions of events are stored as Capture Text Templates_ To modify an rdl file, make the changes to the Capture Text Templates_file except instead of trying to save it to its original location, save it to your desktop.

Adobe Captivate can automatically generate text captions for all standard Windows user interface elements.

For example, the text caption style “Pill” uses bitmaps sized approximately 18 pixels (wide) x 16 pixels (high), so these bitmaps could not be resized to 15 x 12 pixels.

However, any of the text caption bitmaps can be made larger.

The learner can see the transcript (audio script) as a closed caption above the navigation bar.

It is very useful for learners who are not interested in listening to the audio and want to read that content on If you are resizing a text caption, you cannot make the text caption smaller than the bitmap used to create the text caption.

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