Diablo iii launcher updating setup files

Click Play Login Optimization Press Esc key or click Settings icon Click Options Adjust: Click Apply Click Accept Conclusion: Diablo III ran perfectly once I realized could be launched without signing in.There is a bug with something related to authenticating and I was never able to sign-in to

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I still need to look through the d3 javascript file and see if I need to have certain cookies to download or whether or not I need to have a account with access to the download. some more maybe useful stuff: version is BETA "show d3" doesn't throw an error okay so I found another diablo 3 icon.... When i were clicking on the links in the launcher it redirected me to some Copy of the Wo W Site, tho i got 5 lvl 80 on Wow but i couldnt choose them or nothing, not even look at my account.. If i choose to press " Parental Controll " i get here first : US...ental-controls Ten like 2-3 secs i come to Blizzards site!

So you can still download Diablo III in and then sign-in after launching the game.

Then I was able to play just fine, even co-op worked great.

B&platform=win https://eu.battle.net/account/downlo... B&platform=win First of all I tried searching through the public ftp directory (didn't think I'd have any luck) and I didn't find anything Diablo 3 related.

I then tried using the second link I've listed assuming that since it doesn't use https that the server can be accessed without a login, however I've had no luck accessing the ftp servers from eu.media.battle...

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