Dhcp not updating dns windows 2016 r2

This DC (Server 2008) is issuing dhcp addresses for a completely different subnet. If I connect a computer and it receives a DHCP addresses, it may register in DNS.dcdiag fails on 'NCSec Desc' it says: "error enterprise read only domain controllers doesn't have replicating directory changes access rights for the naming context." Not sure what this means really as this is not a RODC. If I delete the DNS entry and lease and do this again, it may not register the entry.Hi, I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 domain controller.Active directory integrated DNS is installed along with DHCP on the DC.

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Another useful tool in this case, is replmon, which is also part of the support tools.Can someone please help me troubleshoot why DHCP is not updating DNS correctly. Are you by any chance running DNS on multiple Domain Controllers? Each DC has DNS which is AD integrated and is a DHCP server.are is one domain controller acting as DHCP, and DNS? where I'm going at, is maybe it's a replication issue? One is a server 2003 and is issuing DHCP addresses for different subnets.This is VERY crucial to be setup right, or you end up with DNS records that are completely out of whack, and behavior that is completely inexplicable. It says: There are warning or error events within the last 24 hours.....to be completely honest, I had a call to Microsoft to straighten out my scavenging settings, as it is a bit confusing being available on the DNS server level, and on the DNS Zone level. When I check the event log it has one warning messages from 8 hours saying: ------------------------------ Event Type: Warning Event Source: Nt Frs Event Category: None Event ID: 13562 Date: 14/06/2010 Time: AM User: N/A Description: Following is the summary of warnings and errors encountered by File Replication Service while polling the Domain Controller s-syd-18-ad.c Scavenging is an issue which I am trying to fine tune.

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