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The members of the Boston Transit Commission were: George Glover Crocker, Chairman Howard A. Green submitted the following report on December 20, 1894: “This parcel of land was bought by the town in the year 1756 for a place of interment, and since then it has continued to be used for that object.The first burials were made in graves, and, so far as now can be ascertained, the earliest tombs were built about 1793.A subterranean passage or tunnel, under the mall along the southern border of the Common, would probably disturb the bones of many an old Bostonian, but this now cannot be helped.At the present time the question is a practical one, if the proposed plan for a subway is to be carried out, and the removal of the remains becomes a necessity.

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Street congestion became such a problem that city officials began brainstorming ways to alleviate it, according to the American Society of Civil Engineers Website: “By the 1890s, the transportation infrastructure of downtown Boston – a maze of narrow, winding streets laid out, in some cases, along Colonial cow paths – proved completely inadequate for the needs of a modern, bustling metropolis.A steady stream of immigrants from Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe added to the numbers, and in just ten years Boston’s population swelled from 90,000 to 135,000.” Public transportation at the time was practically nonexistent so city officials began creating horse-drawn trolleys, which were later replaced by electric trolleys, to accommodate the growing population.These trolleys, combined with pedestrian traffic, private horse-drawn carriages and cabs as well as commercial wagons, created daily traffic jams in the streets. Fitzgerald Some of these members went abroad to England, Germany and France to study transportation methods there and, after nine months of study, filed a report to city officials in April of 1892 recommending a number of projects.Vanyaland's Daniel Brockman found irony in the refrain, "I understand about indecision, and I don’t care if I get behind/People living in competition, all I want is to have my peace of mind,” noting that this was a hit single premised on lyrics stating that one shouldn't take their career too seriously.Tom Moon cited "Peace of Mind" and "Long Time" as examples to illustrate how Scholz varied his guitar effects for each Boston song, stating that "Peace of Mind" has a "grittier, less airbrushed attack." Eric Deggans wrote that "Bouncy, slick tracks such as 'More Than a Feeling' and 'Peace of Mind' defined new parameters for rock radio during the 70s, with soaring vocals searing guitars and trite lyrics." Brockman called it "one of the most overplayed songs in rock history" but praised Delp's singing, particularly his vulnerability and sincerity, making Brockman believe that Delp really believed the words of the refrain.

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