David coleman the dating doctor

To make a long story short, he took and took and took.

He swore under oath everything was a Gift and I didn’t want paid back. Yet he still found it necessary to go behind my back, to a site called to find some young girl for a “massage” in a motel room.

David Coleman is known worldwide as The Dating Doctor.

There’s too much to include in this story, please see the proof on the site, help me stop this fraud.It was my stupidity not to have legal documents drawn up. David also cheated the IRS on unclaimed income from his merchandise sales at his shows and on his website.But we’re talking amounts over 0,000 between business and personal loans. He lied for years to his audiences that all proceeds from sales would go to charities.I was attention starved and that played right into his hand. I had been taking care of both my terminally ill parents after my parents and my family all moved in together. He’s been a speaker over 20 years with no money or savings or belongings, retirement to show for it.But I saw what income potential was without the life sucking agent he had, and had faith I’d be paid back over time.

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