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If something catastrophic happens with the ADO connection then it's own error handling engine passes stack traces, etc back to the console/standard output.Therefore, my Open() command looks like this: Thanks to paul at completewebservices who added a note earlier; I have used his code to solve a particularly difficult issue with the Crystal 9 runtime component. Object Factory.1 To use the windows speech system install the "Speech SDK 5.1 for Windows applications" from the Microsoft homepage (free download).Script Control"); $o Script- Hi, just wanna share to everyone after tried and tested many many times to create report in PDF format from Crystal Report. Here is my system; PHP 5.1.6, MSSQL2005 and Crystal Report Server XI RL2 That's all for me, anyway in Crystal Report I have to check Dis Card Saved Data, Save data with report and Auto Save (1 min) in Option Tab and also in Report Options I have to check save dat with report, too.

The code above connects to COM (beware of the version number! Once in a script where i used COM and PHP as ISAPI module i got unknown COM error. So those who want to use COM object in your application please be careful about it.The whole input part collapses if the amount of code used is a single statement.So, this would have sufficed:$code = "Input Box(\"$prompt\", \"$title\", \"$initial\")";$input = $o Script-Eval($code); This technique exposes quite a bit of scripting power tied into the Windows operating system and VBScript.If you're having permission problems like not being able to opening or saving a document and you're getting errors like: - This command is not available because no document is openor - Command failedtry this (if you're running IIS):- Execute "dcomcnfg"- Open Component Services DCOM Config- Search for Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 Document (it will be something like this translated to your language, so take a while and search for it)- Right-Click on it and open the properties- Choose "Identity" tab- Normally this is set to "the launching user".You have to change this to "the interactive user" or a admin user of your choice.- Apply these new settings and test your COM application. I hope I save lots and lots of hours of headaches to some of you :) It seems that PHP does not support setting of properties with arguments.

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