Dating sites in alberts

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The friends who have been by her side throughout the roller-coaster of divorce are like family to her, and hold her close to Norquay.

"There's always lots of opportunities to get involved — not so easy to date." Peters calls dating apps "awful," saying that depending on the app, it seems the men online are either creeps, much older than her, or only interested in having a fling.

She'd moved back to the community of about 600 people post-divorce, a single mom of two seeking emotional support from her family.

It wasn't a place blooming with eligible singles, but Kuntz ended up reconnecting with her high school sweetheart.

Her university students sometimes talk about dating as work, but as people get older, the demands are even more taxing, said Knudson.

"If you're a divorcee with kids, and you live rurally and you're trying to meet somebody, you have to balance those family commitments, those work commitments," she said.

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