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bho appeared much ah'ected, Digitized by Gopgle 90 and shed tearg, which Beemed to relieve her, and she went through her part ivith her asual excellence. Bo formidable was the crowd, not more than twenfy ladies obtained places in the pit, and the house was crammed in every par(^ "When Mrs Siddons made her appearance, she was reeeived with the loudest acolamaiioafi.By ALDERMAN HENRY MARTIN, Ii ATB MATOB OF THB BOBOITOH OF BBIGHTOH. The writer of this book assisted in the above project, and was invited to lecture upon and illustrate a large and very valuable collection of prints, views, &c., relating to the early days of this fashionable town, and which were kindly presented to the Museum by Robt. Cunditt, Digrtized by Google 88 ■ Jeirdleiiyiiimolioii dating i Mok to (1^ Owing to the xftpid ino TMse of ibe population, a theatre mm «reoted» in 1778» at the upper part of Dnke 8tveet and later, in 1807, on the completion of the New Boad, another, on a more extensive scale, wa.s erected hy Hewitt Cobb, Esq., of Clement's Inn, London, ou the site of the present one. Brunton, sen., on the 24th September, 1806, and the theatre opened on the 6th of June, 1807. In 1818, posts and rails were erected aronndjihe Northern Enclosure, opposite the King and Queen, and shrubs and trees planted therein, — a vast improvement upon its prior appearance and eondiiion,»it having been, previously, the resort of all comers, and the receptacle of filth and refuse.BRia HTON: WBUSBXD BT l OBN BBAL, B00X8BLLXB ft 8SATI0NBB, BAST 8TBBBT. Furner, Esq., an esteemed inhabitant, who with other members of his family have been for many years associated with Brighton, and prominent in advancing its interests. The tragedy of Mam Ut waa seleetod for the opening play, the oelefaiated artistes Mr« and Ids. Beverley" in the play of The Qom Ms Ur; her farewell performance on the stage* Appended is a oopj of the h Ol of (he play** :— * nk« ICAXAai M f Ml bftppy, in nuwt mipm Uo U; aanonndiig to tl M Pnb Uo, Uuii Mx8. Here Brighton Fair was celebrated, at which showmen, toy vendors, pedlars, and *' Cheap Jacks " mustered numerously, and at that time the fair was one of the festivals of the inhabitants,—- held annually on Holy Thursday and succeeding day, and on ' the 4th and 6th September.

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COCKING, To be foaght at the Ckck Pit, WHITE LION, NORTH STREET, 8BI6HT0N, On TMUIt JSJ)AYt 19tk ATJtl Lt la U, A Mnin of Cork*', for Twenty Gimr EAS a Battle, and Futt O^Tr^'^ as the Main ; between the Gentlemen of the I«le oi Wight» and the Gentlemen oi Sussex. Batty 's Circus was situate in Mighell Street, and much frequented. Buil-Vailing and cock-fighting were also in vogne, the original printod bills announcing them are now iu the author's possession. As adjunct thereto, there was a bii Uiani lounge, also confectionary department and a Coffee House and hotel, the latter occupying a wing to the south of the Circus. The anraseii Miits at this period were nnmeroos, — oomprieing tea partiefl, and fireworks at Pnmenade Grove, the entrance to which was in Prince's Place, North Street. It was opened in August of the same year, under the lesseeship of Mr Brunton, had a frontage of 100ft., and was of the same depth. Judges and Friends t to whom the tragic strain Of nature's feeling never spoke in vain, Perhaps your hearts, when years have glided by. For each inspiring smile, and soothing tear— For those full honours of my long career, That cheered my earliest hopes, and chased my latest fear i And though, for me, those tears shall flow no more, And the warm sunshine of your smile is o'er — Though the bright beams are fading fast away, That shone unclouded through my summer-day,— Yet grateful Memory shall wriflect their light O'er the dim shadows of the coming night, And lend to later life a sof^ tone, A moonlight tint, a lustre of her own.

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