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This hilarious, touching, and actual to lifestyles portrayal of a tender lady looking for Mr.

correct follows Louisa on her intriguing trip via courting.

" I'd classify it more as an "LDS Dating: How-To" book with a smattering of romantic comedy - just to keep it interesting... I loved it, and pondered on it frequently, and even quoted the quirky Louisa Barker.

Now that I have a 16 year old daughter, I want her to read the same wise advise, mingled with good humor and fun stories. It did get a little too preachy at times(especially near the end) but is something I would want my kids to read.

And over the following few years, her adventures take her into no-man’s land, actually.:)Part of this decluttering process involves me re-reading all of the books that I’m considering giving up . And since they have a “previously enjoyed” section at our local LDS bookstore, I’m trundling off a few to places where they will be enjoyed again! just to make ABSOLUTELY sure that I want to part with them! Although I'm happily married and no longer in the dating game, I'm a romantic at heart and the stories caught my attention.:)Part of this decluttering process involves me re-reading all of the books that I’m considering giving up . :lol: Last month I read 2 such books:“Braces, Gymsuits and Early-Morning Seminary” (Joni Winn) and “Dating: No Guts, No Glory” (Joni Winn Hilton)The first one uses a fictional character, Louisa, to give advice to teens (especially teen girls). That said, it lacks a certain cohesiveness because there’s no story line. I would totally encourage my teenagers to read this (when, you know, I actually have teenagers).;) Even though this book is fiction, I really think it should be shelved/classified more as "self-help" ... Yes, Hilton's made a fictional account of how dating should work. Many were spot on about how some of those awkward dating moments feel. There were also some parts that were very enjoyable. But rather than advice and ideas presented with supporting stories, it's more a series of stories told with advice integrated throughout.

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