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A blazing fire was not the only thing to keep Bronze and Iron Age Scandinavians warm through long cold winters.From northwest Denmark, circa 1500-1300 BC, to the Swedish island of Gotland as late as the first century AD, Nordic peoples were imbibing an alcoholic "grog" or extreme hybrid beverage rich in local ingredients, including honey, bog cranberry, lingonberry, bog myrtle, yarrow, juniper, birch tree resin, and cereals including wheat, barley and/or rye -- and sometimes, grape wine imported from southern or central Europe.Parts of Denmark, Scania and the Norwegian coast line were free from ice around 13,000 BC, and around 10,000 BC the rim of ice was around Dalsland, Västergötland and Östergötland.It wasn't until 7000 BC that all of Svealand and the modern coastal regions of northeastern Sweden were free of ice, although the huge weight of the ice sheet had caused isostatic depression of Fennoscandia, placing large parts of eastern Sweden and western Finland underwater.

The bucket was part of a standard, imported Roman wine-set, and the woman held the strainer-cup in her right hand.

The Ancylus age is followed by formation of the Littorina Sea and the Litorina Stage (named after the Littorina littorea mollusc) at around 6200 BC.

With the first human colonization of this new land (the territory of modern Sweden was partly under water though, and with radically different coastlines) during the Ancylus and Litorina ages begins the Nordic Stone Age.

This was the land of the Ahrensburg culture, whose members hunted over territories 100,000 km² vast and lived in teepees on the tundra.

On this land there was little forest but arctic white birch and rowan, but the taiga slowly appeared.

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