Dating guys with beards

If you’re looking for a safe place between the lumberjack full-on beard and squeaky-clean shaven, it can be a good alternative. Growing a beard can be a great way to express your personal style and every guy should try growing one at least once in his life.However truly embracing the bearded look depends on much more than what’s in style.Some trend-followers who jumped on the bandwagon might decide to shave, however we don’t expect that everyone will.

He’s kept the beard for 20 years and now it looks even more distinguished as it defines his jawline (which is a bit fuller, these days! Granted, my husband’s beard is nicely trimmed and shaped and closely cropped to his face.

Consider your beard hair growth (some guys find they have patchy or irregular facial hair), facial shape and whether it contributes to or distracts from your overall personal style.

If you want to grow or update your beard:• Learn how to shape it. • Keep it short and structured.• Consider embracing stubble rather than a full beard.

Beards have become more maintained and trimmed, the next step is a cleaner, younger look.— Dan Farris, Founder, Chief Executive Officer Modrn Man I also believe that beards are on their way out and a return to traditional shaving is on the rise.

I really believe the reason why beards became so popular is due to the crappy quality of shave cartridge razors give.

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