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If you find any mistakes, please point them out and let me know, I'm learning as much as anyone else with these posts. cummingsthere are so many tictocclocks everywhere telling peoplewhat toctic time it is fortictic instance five toc minutes tocpast six tic Spring is not regulated and doesnot get out of order nor doits hands a little jerking moveover numbers slowly we do notwind it up it has no weightssprings wheels inside ofits slender self no indeed dearnothing of the kind.(So,when kiss Spring comeswe'll kiss each kiss other on kiss the kisslips because tic clocks toc don't makea toctic differenceto kisskiss you and to kiss me)e.e. He does things with grammer and with the sounds of words that seem very strange when you first encounter them, but as you understand the context better they reveal themselves to be perfectly appropriate.

The most obvious of these quirks in this example is the strange use of punctuation and the non-gramatical insertion of 'kiss' and 'tictoc' that litters the poem.

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