Dating antique tea caddies

She writes about a variety of topics, from new technology to animal husbandry.Bajorek has an Associate of Arts in business management from the University of Phoenix and holds certifications in marketing and advertising.That averages out to just more than nine postcards a year mailed for every person in the country.

Your spreadsheet columns may read likethis: Cup # Manufacturer Approximate Year History Cost You may find some tea cups have memorable stories, photographs or other important details which make them more valuable.

When assessing an antique tea cup you can glean a lot of information about it by researching the markings that are stamped, impressed or painted on the underside of the items.

To do this you'll need a few antique tea cup books, and Internet access.

In identifying and dating postcards there are specific eras, defined by both style and dates; however, these dates do not account for the transition from one era to the next.

It is important to remember that these “Eras” refer to the printing on the back of the postcard.

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