Dating after mastectomy reconstruction

Scar tissue may build up around the site of your incision. Infection and delayed wound healing sometime happen after a mastectomy.You and your doctor should be on the lookout for signs of both.If your nipple is removed during the mastectomy, nipple reconstruction is usually performed as a minor procedure several months after your breast reconstruction is complete.Plan to be in the hospital for several days, depending on the type of reconstruction.The technique may depend on: At the time of mastectomy, some plastic surgeons will lift up the pectoralis muscle, located immediately behind the breast, and place the implant behind the extra layer of tissue.Others will place the implant immediately behind the skin.

Your surgeon will then likely recommend tissue flap reconstruction.

They may also remove some or all lymph nodes from under your arm, depending on your stage of cancer and your surgical plan.

The plastic surgeon will then reconstruct the breast or breasts.

Over time, the visibility of the scars will go down.

Massage techniques and scar removal creams can decrease their appearance, as well.

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