Dating a single dad with full custody

The hard and fast truth is that if your man has children there is a high likelihood that the children’s mother will also be involved.

We’re all adults and everyone brings their own baggage to a relationship.

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They are fiercely committed to their little ones saying, by action and by word, “you are loved.” I was once one of them. What I was seeking (and found) in a spouse was informed by what I experienced in part, in the co-parenting world.As it’s not only themselves that single dads consider, sometimes one can experience a more measured approach than dating a footloose and carefree single man who doesn’t have children to think about.You should be very clear on this point – if you’re a dating a single dad, children are part of the deal.We cover the basic insights that will stand you in good stead, and what a father now knows that can create exceptional relationships with his partner.You should know from the get go that, when you’re dating a single dad, everything is a little more serious.

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