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The passion of true crime fans is evident with the growth of Crime Con, launched three years ago by the New York digital media and live events company Red Seat Ventures.The three-day convention attracted 3,600 fans, up 20% from last year, who paid 9 and more to meet the stars of “Dateline” and 20 other true crime TV series, the company said.

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Tales of romance gone wrong can make some fans feel better about their own lives.Die internationale Datumsgrenze ist die Linie, die angibt, wo ein Tag beginnt (auf ihrer westlichen Seite) oder endet (gen Osten). Längengrads in der Mitte des Ozeans – mit einigen Ausnahmen im Südpazifik, wo sich einzelne Inselstaaten aus kommerziellen Gründen für die eine oder andere Seite entschieden.Die Datumsgrenze wurde ursprünglich von Astronomen aus 25 Ländern 1884 auf einer Tagung vorgeschlagen, aber erst in den frühen 1900ern auf globaler Ebene zum Standard.Discovery Inc.’s true crime channel Investigation Discovery has been the most-watched entertainment cable network for the 25- to 54-year-old demographic. ’ In that world, we offer predictability and consistency.”The emergence of Netflix as a destination for true crime enthusiasts with such series as “Making a Murderer” and “Conversations With a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” has helped stimulate interest for all of the shows, according to Bill Hague, executive vice president at the research firm Magid Associates.It also has the highest average length of tune-in of any network: 50 minutes. True crime podcasts such as “Serial” and the Los Angeles Times’ “Dirty John” — both of which had tens of millions of downloads, with the latter adapted into a scripted drama for cable network Bravo — have also expanded the audience.“These are compelling stories that are authentic,” Hague said.

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