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Reinier Biscet, 28, has a girlfriend whom he "loves very much." She "really loves him," but marriage is impossible now because they claim he can't go live with her nor can she live with him.After two years of dating, the young Cuban sees his story repeating itself.As with most places, a little effort goes a very long way in disarming indifference and creating smiles from the locals.Generally speaking, as with other Latin American countries, Cubans are use to lazy travelers who in general speak only English (both as the international travel language and because 50 percent of visitors to Cuba are Canadian).According to Cuban popular culture, "love from afar" is not very well regarded, but more and more residents of the United States go to the island to find a partner.

While “hola” (OH-lah) for hello is fine, it is a good idea – particularly when first meeting somebody – to say “Buenos días (BWEHN-nohs DEE-ahs) for good morning, or “Buenas tardes/noches” (BWEHN-nahs TAHR-dehs / NOH-chehs) for Good afternoon/evening).

(may YAH-moh…)” for My name is…: And if you want to get the bill, for example at a restaurant, just say “La cuenta, por favor” (lah KWEN-tah pohr fah-VOHR).

And of course, if you ever get stuck, I don’t speak Spanish is “No hablo español” (noh AH-bloh ehs-pah-NYOHL), although they likely will have figured it out by then!

To show respect it is also a good idea to add “señor” (seen-YOHR) for men or “señorita” ((seen-YOHR-ee-tah) for women. “Gracias” (GRAH-syahs) means thank you, or even better “Muchas gracias” (MOO-chas GRAH-syahs) means thank you very much. No is the same in English: “No” (noh) and Yes “Sí” (see).

If you’re starting to feel adventurous with your linguistic adventure, try “Me llamo…

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