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Chandler pulled Rachel's panties down around her knees.Monica dropped her own panties to the floor."Before you go in her, make sure you gently rub the head of your cock on her clit and around her pussy lips."Oh fuck, I want you, Chandler," Rachel said, completely unprompted.But Monica stopped him, "Not yet, you're not done with her yet," she said, smiling seductively.

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" Rachel smiled and nodded."Now, kiss her again, but this time, move slowly to her neck."Chandler did so, and Rachel smiled and purred, "Mmmm... "Now start caressing her breast." Chandler's hand slid from Rachel's back to her firm tit."Ok, drop her bra strap off her shoulder... and kiss your way across her shoulder and down to her breast. Now slowly pull down her other strap and cup and try those things on her other breast."Rachel liked what he did. those are all good, Chandler."Monica was getting a bit aroused at what she was seeing.

Within a few minutes, Rachel opened her eyes to look at Chandler.

She had a passionate, pleading look on her face."Please fuck me," she whimpered.

"...a two..."Monica's eyes were closed and she was getting visibly excited.

"...two; four-seven; five-seven..."Chandler looked away, a bit uncomfortable. "Eyes closed, Monica's head tilted back and she shuddered.

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