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The worst is where organisations don’t see the potential of the platform and don’t budget anything beyond technical change, leaving the users high and dry and having to find their own way.

Office 365 offers a platform for organisations to change the way they work, and it should be given the wide berth it needs in order to deliver on that promise.

In part seven of this series, we’ll be discussing how he’s used Microsoft Teams and any best practices he recommends for others!

I’ve done a variety of roles across my career, but my passion is always around human productivity and helping people work.

Others don’t even know that Office 365 offers more than just email, files, intranet, and communications.

Many have also had their budgets drained by implementation partners performing simple migrations of email or files, or performing massive transformation programs that leave the end users exhausted and lacking in motivation to change the way they work any further.

No matter how your entity operates, there is a need for people to disseminate their thoughts and ideas through the creation and sharing of content.There’re quite a few, but it often comes from a lack of education (and I don’t mean how to operate the machinery).I’ve had a number of organisations say they want Microsoft Teams because they’ve seen it demonstrated or have read about it.Loryan Strant is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP with over 20 years of experience in network and web technologies.He currently serves as an Office 365 consultant for various organizations and has a passion for helping people work as efficiently as possible.

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