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Date and commit in haste and repent at your leisure is a slight variation on a wise saying. That’s a sensible idea if you are testing the waters to see if online dating is for you.

It only makes sense though if you can browse the existing online members to see if there are a few people in your locality you would like to meet.

There’s no doubting, however, that regardless of how many features, members or patented matching algorithms a dating site everyone still needs that bit of luck.

Here we take a look at the components of what makes a good dating site.

It can be a rather sneaky way of disguising high prices.

Membership We are talking numbers, local dates and having enough choices here.

It’s the perfect means for busy professionals to have a decent social life and avoid going down the path of complicated work-based relationships.

In almost all cases the average monthly subscription cost goes down the longer you subscribe.

Some sites don’t offer this browsing or limit it by blurring pictures.

The reason is two-fold; firstly, they want you to sign up and part with your cash and, secondly, it’s to satisfy the wish of many members who sign-up who only want to be seen by other members equally committed.

What do the very best sites do that makes membership an enjoyable experience and helps tip the balance in your favor regarding finding the right person.

Cost Prices vary a lot, and there are also a lot of marketing ploys and sometimes a lack of transparency.

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