Christian connection dating agency

Christian Connection was launched in the United Kingdom in 2000 and became very popular thanks to some early positive media coverage on TV and in print.

By 2012 Christian Connection had expanded and now serves the United States, Canada, Australia, and other English speaking countries.

Christians from the following denominations follow the Trinity (not a complete list): Above all Christian Connection believes in respecting other people’s choices.

If you are not comfortable meeting people to date of a denomination different from yours, you can specify this in your profile and target only certain denominations in your searching.

New members get access to a 3 day free trial which allows you to send up to 5 messages a day.

When you first signup you are asked for the following information and questions: If you wish you can add further information to your profile.

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Still, there are some common issues with some users of this website.

In January 2017, the website recorded half a million messages exchanged between members.

Joff Williams Communications Director at Christian Connection told Premier it's not likely these are just Christmas flings either."Something really interesting is we measure meaningful conversations."What we define by that is that there are three parts of the conversation someone sent a message, there's been a response, and the first person had replied."We see the number of meaningful conversation go right up in January.

Christian, the UK's largest Christian dating site, said it had a 50 per cent increase in membership last season and expects the same this time around with a peak in the beginning of January.

Jackie Elton founder and managing director of Christian Connection told Premier the mood post-Christmas has a lot to do with it.

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