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The Jabber/XMPP community developed and implemented a basic groupchat protocol as long ago as 1999.

That "groupchat 1.0" (GC) protocol provided a minimal feature set for chat rooms but was rather limited in scope.

MUC also defines two different associations: long-lived affiliations and session-specific roles.

This design is based on the original groupchat 1.0 protocol, with the result that: A long-lived association or connection with a room; the possible affiliations are "owner", "admin", "member", and "outcast" (naturally it is also possible to have no affiliation); affiliation is distinct from role.In addition, there is no one-to-one correspondence between roles and affiliations; for example, someone who is not affiliated with a room may be a (temporary) moderator, and a member may be a participant or a visitor in a moderated room. Roles are temporary in that they do not necessarily persist across a user's visits to the room and MAY change during the course of an occupant's visit to the room.An implementation MAY persist roles across visits and SHOULD do so for moderated rooms (since the distinction between visitor and participant is critical to the functioning of a moderated room).The ways in which an occupant's role changes are well-defined.Sometimes the change results from the occupant's own action (e.g., entering or exiting the room), whereas sometimes the change results from an action taken by a moderator, admin, or owner.

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