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In Skype for Business Server photos can be stored in a user's Exchange Server 2016 or Exchange Server 2013 mailbox, which allows for photo sizes up to 648 pixels by 648 pixels.

In addition, Exchange Server can automatically resize these photos for use in different products as needed.

That means you will need approximately 1 megabyte of disk space for every 4 user photos.

Tap Allow or OK if prompted that Snapchat needs access to your camera for photos you have stored.

That third command uses the Save parameter to assign the photo to Ken Myer's user account: To verify that the new photo has been assigned to the user account, Ken Myer can log on to Skype for Business, select Options, and then select My Picture.

The newly-uploaded photo should be displayed as Ken's personal photo.

If you smile, laugh, talk or stick out your tongue, it will appear on the simulated face.

Once you have saved your Snapchat faces, you can have even more fun with them.

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