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I am one of those people who believed all hope was gone. but since starting back on track, 80 pounds of that regain is now gone. Bad carbs and lack of good solid information sent me to a bad place. We created it based on our success and the success of those who have followed in our footsteps.

We have an entire community of people just like who you have either lost their Regain with the Inspire Diet or are on the path to losing right now.

Bariatric Eating Commandment #6: You Shall Chew Thoroughly Chewing thoroughly help you slow down, avoid overeating, and minimize the chance of obstruction caused by large food particles.

Bariatric surgery eating requires that you chew each bite 25-30 times or until the food in your mouth is unidentifiable.

Try putting your fork or spoon down between bites and allow 20-30 minutes to finish a meal.

Read more on how to eat, including a fun game to play and some "tools" that will help you slow down.

Post bariatric eating involves protein at every meal and snack. Avoid filling up on other foods and leaving no room for your protein! Bariatric Eating Commandment #2: You Shall Choose Solid Foods Over Soft, Mushy, or Liquidy Foods "Solid" foods will fill up your pouch and stay in your pouch longer than soft, mushy, or liquidy foods do.While eveyone else is having a high-fat, high-sugar dessert at Thanksgiving, make this yummy alternative in a jiffy for yourself! Let's put it this way, Mom, who's usually kind of picky, scraped her plate until she had every bit of it!Bariatric Berry Hearty Kashi® Parfait This recipe may be used for your entire family but the portions are especially adapted for those who have had Lap-Band surgery.Realizing that surgery is a tool that you can control by making the right food choices puts you in the driver’s seat.It’s not the surgeon doing the work or some mysterious medical miracle, this time it’s YOU.

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