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Another attempt, and the city will be captured On the way of the German offensive in the area Volokolamsk highway stood soldiers of the Red A... The German army entered the city and continues to advance towards the river. November 1942, the 29th and 30th Armies of General Konev have been fighting since the summer against the German 9th Army commanded by Model, in Rzhev, near Moscow.

It's a mission that combines elite infantry and tanks.

If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Take command of the 400 man Anzac garrison at Tobruk and hold out against waves of German forces trying to capture Tobruk! With cloud cover stopping the Allied fighter planes from flying the Germans might ju...

For this to work you'll need all the mods listed, otherwise you'll have blue spiders running around the m... v=Ay-v J4OUDj M The battle for the Soviet U... This is , as the name tells a campaign for the Croatian Legion. You infiltrate, capture and defend crosstowns in the village.

After the disaster of the Ardennes Offensive, the Germans have set their eyes on a small town just west of the Maginot Line. Battle of Caen July-August 1944SP/COOPFOR BETTER EXPERIENCE YOU SHOULD ENABLE FOG OF WARThe Battle for Caen (June to August 1944) is the name for the fighting between the British Second Army and German Panzergruppe West in the Second World War...

The map of a mission is submitted in my understanding, but is not most realistic! January, 1945, the Germans have one last ditch effort to turn the tides of a loosing war.

The minicampaign is from the perspective of Allied soldiers, but I could make one with the Germans sometime in the future. Carpiquet Airfield Map (7km west Caen, Normandy, 4 to 9 July 1944)Operation Windsor Creator: Bassmaniac Mp missions in all modes: Skirmish coop, combat, capture the flag and Assault zones. The Soviet Union ostensibly sought to claim parts of Finnish territ...

Requires GSM Fields of Honor XII mod Can only be played in GEM editor (have no idea how to make missions show outside the editor)1945 Last Days of the Third Reich Storm the heavily fortified positions of remaining german SS divisions and break th...''Wilkommen Soldat! ======================================Mod requirements: GWR Realism Mod You and your battalion were ordered to capture german airfield.

For two years now, our armies have been pushed back across the great Russian plains, all the way back to our homeland. The Führer has ordered a massive counterattack that must turn the tide and push those Bulshe... After easy battle you got information from your scouts that you have been caught in a trap in enemy territory two days since the battle began Mission accessible for now only from editor. Requires GSM 12Commander, The Germans are using this facility to produce materials vital for the production of nuclear weaponry.

Soviet army is defending each street and buildin... M and this this is the 2nd map I made and I would like to share it with you.

First upload and first map with the editor, please bear that in mind! Hints: EDIT- there seems to be an issue with the enemy reinforcements at the artillery hill. It contains: -Airport -Harbor -Forest -Medium Town -Bunker -Village -working NPCs I hope you like... Zaqpak's Reichstag Battle Map: This map took me ages to create and I have put a lot of detail into it.

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