Annabeth dating

He laughed at that."Annabeth what did you expect, but don't lie you love the work this is your idea of a dream."I couldn't argue with him. Percy you gave up immortality, so I ask what is your dream?

"I was so curious this had been eating at me for a long time.

My roommate and her friends all came in forcing me to hide my designs, it was hard to explain why I was designing the New Olympus.

After weeks of work it was still a shock but it made me very happy."Hey Annabeth what are you doing?

Molly Tracey other friend said "That's no excuses not to dress up.

It's a good thing we were here." For the next twenty minutes they went through my closet.

You have a date then why haven't you mentioned him before? Before I could say anything Tracey jumped in."What are you wearing for this date and who is it with?

"I answered her question because I was sick of Penny she reminded me of Drew from camp, and that was not a nice endorsement."I'm going to wear jeans and a t-shirt, because Percy said it was a surprise and knowing him it will be something requiring a lot of movement."I mean he takes ADHD to a new level, I've rarely seen him sit for over an hour, unless he is forced to.

There's only one sharp ring before the other girl picks up."Hey, Annabeth." There's an excited edge to her voice that pinches Annabeth's nerves."Piper, please tell me he's cancelled," she says with more pleading in her voice than she'd like."Nope, and he's not going to.

As I got into the car I asked "what was the car for?

" he smiled and said "15 years of missing birthday presents, but I think he isn't telling me something."I looked at him demigods were naturally suspicious "Look I'm sure that everything's fine I've been on Olympus everything seems to be normal.""I guess but gods are only ever nice when bad things are coming, but maybe that's changing let's forget it and go have fun on the beach."I nodded.

Penny made multiple comments about my style, but I knew Percy didn't care about things like that. After the girls finally picked out an outfit black legs with a dark blue tank top, and agreed to let me wear my owl necklace."Hey so we are going to the restaurant across campus have fun on your date" Tracey said. I just lay back and pulled out my designs, I was thinking of a statue for Hestia she wasn't recognized enough.

After twenty minutes decided to wait on Percy outside.

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