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With three votes, Julio was eliminated from the competition.

"I have a lot of people that love me at home, and there's no way they're going to let me quit," he said. I'm ready to see my family." During a post-show update, Julio revealed that he has lost an additional 69 pounds since returning home and hopes to be at his goal weight of 207 pounds by the season's live finale in December.

That night, the contestants learned that the kitchen was on lock down for the week -- meaning they would have to order out every single meal.

host Allison Sweeney then explained it was time for a pop challenge in which each contestant would have three choices of dinner and had to choose the healthiest.

You need something different, and it is an extremely rare opportunity to do something as big as this." fourth eighth-season episode began following the previous elimination of Red Team members Antoine Dove and Sean Algaier -- as Shauntina "Shay" Sorrells confronted Tracey Yukich about reneging on her promise to have her fellow Orange Team member Daniel Wright weigh-in, instead choosing to have Shay weigh-in. I really assumed that." Shay subsequently stated in a confessional that she's never going to trust Tracey and Mo going forward.

"When Daniel asked you to put Daniel up and you put me up, that trust was broken no matter what," Shay said Tracey. The next day, all of the remaining contestants continued to workout before explaining to trainers Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper how Antoine and Sean "fell on the sword" for Shay.

I'm stronger, I'm healthier -- physically and mentally. Sometimes in life you need a jumpstart, you just do. I assumed that you were going to drop this big-fat number."My whole metaphor is that Jill comes in and she digs, digs, digs until she rips the roots out and then Bob comes and plants new flowers.And so I feel like they were just digging and Jill knew that I was pretty bare -- like I was raw, open, wounded and like that I needed time to build back up.And the ranch is the safest place for that," explained Sorrells."That's why I think they were fighting for me to stay there which I thought was amazing...

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