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Working towards inclusivity requires not only valuing diversity, but also taking concrete steps towards identifying how current institutional structures create and maintain bias, as well as protect an unjust status quo.To that end, we will continue modifying ARSTM’s processes for selecting leadership, composition of awards committees, ensuring diverse representation in conference programming, and recruitment of members in order to correct our own contributions to the field’s harmful exclusivity.We invite individual papers and panel discussions that advance our understanding of as they relate to our research practices, theory building, methodological development, scholarly production, and engagement with various publics.Submissions may be in the form of individual abstracts or panel proposals of four participants.Service loads are reasonable with most positions normally requiring under 40 hours per year; the President normally has a more significant commitment, and those nominated should be able to serve actively in that role when they become President.

As a small organization, ARSTM relies on an active, enthusiastic, and collegial officer group.We recognize that this statement must be part of an ongoing process of making the field of communication as well as our own organization truly inclusive.We recognize that the #Communication So White and #Rhetoric So White conversations do more than tangentially implicate ARSTM in reproducing structures of whiteness.We unequivocally reject Professor Medhurst’s editorial statement and the efforts of select Distinguished Scholars to steer the conversation away from the significant contributions of diverse scholars and scholarship of National Communication Association.Such actions and statements as made by Professor Medhurst and select Distinguished Scholars demonstrate a failure to recognize the systematic harm that is being done, and a failure to recognize those on whom harm has been inflicted.

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