Accommodating culture and cultural diversity in online teaching grand theft auto iv dating alex

And being prepared to respond to the dynamics of difference by amending policies or changing customs and protocols that were never previously thought of as being expressions of a dominant culture.At the individual level keep learning about different cultures – particularly the cultures of the clients you support.Current predictions are that by 2021, one in three seniors will have been born outside Australia.Jenny Bray outlines strategies for community care providers and their staff to achieve cultural competency.

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Organisational examples include being prepared to grapple with the challenges that cultural difference offers to long held notions of ‘business as usual’.

Developing organisational cultural competency should be a core continuous quality improvement process.

Cultural competency refers to a set of congruent attitudes, behaviours and policies that come together to enable an agency and its workers and volunteers to work effectively in cross-cultural environments.

There are plenty of self-assessment tools available (including from the Australian context) to assist this process.

An individual example includes considering cultural difference as being involved when misunderstandings occur, or where the client disengages.

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